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Do you wish to work with us with your promotional contents that could fit for our kind of visitors and subscribers?

We are a community of health enthusiasts, of people seeking the right information and knowledge, so be rest assured this is the best home for your promotional and sponsored contents.

We receive on average 400,000 visits every months, with more than 50,000 subscribers on our email list and WhatsApp contacts, coupled with followers all over our social media platforms.

We accept:

  • Guest Posts
  • Sponsord Ads (Banners)
  • Promotional Contents
  • Product Reviews
  • Affilate Copies

To work with us, you don’t need any pass. All you need is your good graphics (for banners), well-edited and compelling contents (which will be subjected to in-house review), and your product/affiliate links.

Simply send an email to (cc: and we will immediately file you in on the necessary steps to take.

Please note that only Guest posting is FREE. We charge for Sponsored Ads, Promotional Contents, Product Reviews and Affiliate Copies. We will definitely send you our rate card once we receive your email.

Kindly note, once again, that Ideal Health NG reserves the right to edit your submissions (in case of guest posting), including your title, to make it, by our reckoning, more suitable for publication.

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