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Why penis size does not matter in sexual satisfaction

Having a huge asset downstairs is generally considered as the holy grail of male sexuality, the length is often assumed as the ultimate metric of male sexual performance and virility. However, this article shows why penis size does not really matter.

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Nothing highlights masculine vanity like the comparison of tool sizes. In several studies, male dissatisfaction with their own penis has ranged between 45-50 percentage of participants.

Everywhere around the world, men are not impressed whenever they look down south.

Between 2013 and 2017, members of International Society of Aesthetic Penis Surgery carried out 45,604 penis size enhancements worldwide (funny enough, this procedure only adds a little over 1cm to penis length when flaccid and no significant increase in length when erect).

Youths are buying into dubious online penis enlargement schemes in droves and also swallowing unapproved drugs from roadside peddlers and snake-oil salesmen.

However, the research and science so far, does not support this widely held belief of “the bigger, the better”, we have all been terribly misled.

“Penis anxiety” or – to use the more rarefied language of medicine – “Penile dysmorphic disorder” is a common phenomenon among sexually active men.

It is a kind of poor ‘penis-esteem’ in which moderately endowed males with normal, healthy, efficient phallus still feel seriously worried about their penis size.

penis size

They want something more menacing, the kind that can penetrate through a woman’s cervix and conquer the world!

More often than not, this desire to have a longer device is not just about satisfying a partner in bed, but also to earn bragging rights among peers.

Let’s talk penis size: the average length of an erect human penis is 13.12 cm (5.17 inches) long, while the average circumference of an erect human penis is 11.66 cm (4.59 inches).

The average non-erect penis is 9.16 centimetres (cm), or 3.61 in long. The implication is that majority of male is either a little above this number or a little below, which is a good thing.

In fact, in a research on about 15,000 males across different countries and races, the British Journal of Urology, confirmed that only 5 per cent had what we can objectively call a really “long penis”.

Yes, only 5 per cent. Perhaps, you are left wondering why there is no movement for sex-starved women thronging the streets, protesting against the remaining 95% of men with average penises, the answer is that women don’t really care about your penis size as much as you think they do.

In one study of more than 26,000 women, 84 per cent of them, that is 7 out of 8, are okay with their men’s penis size while only a meagre 6 per cent think their man’s penis is “small”.

The summary of this is that majority of women don’t even care an inch about your penis size.

penis size

They just want unforgettable orgasms. Guys, see your manhood may earn you bragging rights among your peers, however, on the bed, the biggest tool doesn’t guarantee the best pleasure for your partner.

There is more to female sexual satisfaction than the mechanical thrusting in and out of a penis, but that’s a topic for another time.
Majority of consumers of dubious penis enlargement products don’t even need it at all.

For many others who have become sucked into the overwhelming world of cybersex that has grossly twisted this generation’s views of sexuality, you don’t need to become another Lexington Steele or Johnny Sins to give optimum pleasure to your partner, your manhood doesn’t need to look like the male characters in those “big-dicked employee man punishes angry boss” porn scenes, you only need to find the best ways to use your tool.

It is very rare to have a penis so small that sexual function is significantly affected.
However, a normally formed adult penis with an erect length of less than 7 cm (2.8 in) is referred to as micropenis and often requires a visit to a doctor’s office.

With the exception of this genital anomaly, both the obsession with size and the desire to get longer is largely unjustified.
The only thing men need to grow is their “penis-esteem”. An extremely long penis doesn’t confer the owner with any superpower.

Different rods for different folks makes the world go around.

By Luro Adeola, public health expert.

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