Truth or Racism? Is Coronavirus truly ‘Chinese virus’ as Trump mentioned?

Chinese virus

The 45th president of United States of America, Donald Trump while addressing the nation few hours ago regarded to the Coronavirus pandemic as ‘Chinese virus’.

This is the first time the ever-controversial president is tagging the virus by its origin. A lot of reactions have followed the comment with many believing its a deliberate attempt by the president to spark hate among the two countries.

In his tweet, he said;

Reacting to the tweet;

However, we have those who believed the president was right in that regard, below is a video confirming that:

What do you think about this? Is this just what the virus really is or an attempt by Trump to trigger racism?

02 comments on “Truth or Racism? Is Coronavirus truly ‘Chinese virus’ as Trump mentioned?

  • Keira , Direct link to comment

    Ignore the rhetoric. There is no such thing as a Chinese virus. It is where it took off from but nothing deeper. My 11 year old is intelligent enough to understand this. How can full grown adults …
    Never mind. Evolution comes at different rates person to person. Give the Pres and others a hundred or so years to catch up with these concepts.

    • idealhealthng , Direct link to comment

      Trump has always been this way. Thanks for the comment.

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