Opinion: Lil Frosh: Gender-Based Violence in this Age

Opinion: Lil Frosh: Gender-Based Violence in this Age

I was made to understand that women on this side of the world love power: physical, financial, psychological/intellectual and/or sexual. That’s typical of the traditional African women’s psyche in the modern world.

They attach themselves to men with any or all of these qualities and would rather die than not have them. Hence they plunge themselves into “complications”. They get physical/psychological/sexual abuse while glueing themselves to these men, just for the “fun” of it. African didactics say Man is superior and would come back to his right senses someday and beg her…. Typical of Nollywood!

The person went further that every woman has a lover and husband, and it’s rare that both are the same person. The reason is, the lover is who she ought to marry, but the husband is who was ready (and capable) then, thus marry her.

Micheal Ace while sharing the news of the incidence said: “While trying to verify this, the person I talked to just hissed. He told me these boys coming up know nothing other than violence.

He also said these girls too, they are lazy dumbassess, always looking for guys with money and fame.

No truer words were ever spoken to describe this situation! Yahoo has given us another set of “rich, young men” who feel they can buy the world. These girls run around them as ants do sugar, and you can imagine unbearable abuses happening daily in such relationships.

However, she would endure. Of course, the guy has lots of her calibre ready to take her place, so she keeps up the facade; pretending everything is fine, even to her own family members, parents and friends.

I read about Lil Frosh. All that’s necessary to read. According to reports, he continually abused her till it gets to an apex; why didn’t she talk? Because she wants to be with Lil Frosh, an upcoming artist with DMW? WTF!!

An upcoming artist who rose through IG skits and Davido saw something in him and signed him up is already feeling like he owns the world? No matter what, I am no supporter of gender-based violence.

I remember that I once had a girlfriend who was always right. I was in HND 1 then. To her, she made no mistakes and owes no explanations. We once had a disagreement and I had to call one friend in to help apologize to her.

While I (we were) was raising from prostration to hold her hands and look into her eyes as Bollywood taught me, she landed me a hot slap!
At that second, a septillion of thoughts run through my mind. A lady slappedd me, an African man in 21st century (don’t mind me).

My friend guessed what I might be thinking and continued begging her.
Actually, I wasn’t expecting the slap, she always did say, “beat me…beat me… Show me that you are a man… Beating women is what your mates do….” Don’t know which mates she was referring to, though!

I wonder what Lil Frosh would have done…..

Written by Jimson Jaat Taofik

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