importance of washing hands

How to teach your kids the importance of washing hands (Video)

This explainer video shows how washing hands helps to keep virus away. It’s the best way to teach kids the importance of washing hands.

The video contains a live test with virus and water, with a woman teaching some kids the importance of washing hands regularly. In the video, the woman (teacher), dips her finger in a liquid containing virus and upon lifting up the finger, a number of viruses has already glued themselves to her finger.

Now she dipped the finger containing virus inside a liquid soap and returned it back to the liquid containing the virus. There and then the virus ran away from the finger.

See video below:

This explains how best to build resistance against germs and viruses. By simply washing your hands, you can save yourself lot of troubles and stay away from sickness. And as Coronavirus spreads, there is no reason to panic, here is what you should do.

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