How to improve your man’s sexual libido without drugs

improve your man’s sexual libido

Instead of killing your man with sex drugs, try these tips to improve your man’s sexual libido and make him clamour for more of you

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Sex is very important in every intimate relationship such as marriage. It is like a seed of connection between a man and a woman. There is more to sex than we know it. Apart from the natural pleasure derived from sex, it is like a spiritual bond between two people capable of affecting their destinies.

It is quite important to solidify your relationship constantly with sex. Most at times, men are the initiators of sex because they have a higher sex drive and the energy to carry on for long. This brings to bare why it is very vital for a man to have high libido in an intimate relationship. If your man is weak on bed, you will not enjoy the natural benefits of sex to humans.

The size of a man’s penis does not really matter but how well he uses it and the cooperation of the woman determines if maximum pleasure will be achieved. So it is the duty of both a man and a woman to achieve maximum sexual satisfaction.

Furthermore, as a woman, you have to ensure that your man has high libido for a perfect intimate relationship.

Here are some tips to help you increase your man’s sex libido:

Always give your man local “kunu” made from tiger nuts, dates and coconut. This local drink is the most effective libido booster for both men and women.

Ingredients: tiger nuts( 2 cups), dates (1 cup), Coconut ( half)

How to prepare it: soak tiger nuts for at least two days changing the water frequently so as not to have odour. After two days, cut open the dates, remove the seeds and soak for few minutes before blending. Soak the dates in a clean drinkable water because the extracts will be poured into the juice. Break open the coconut and cut into smaller pieces for easy blending.

Then mix the tiger nuts, dates and coconut together in a blender and blend till it’s smooth. Pour in the water from the soaked dates and also add little more water to the juice. Pour the paste into a cloth sieve and allow to drain. Squeeze out the juice and discard the chaff. Pour the juice into a clean bottle and allow to cool in a refrigerator.

You can now serve your man the cool juice when he returns from work after taking a bath and a well prepared meal. Believe me, he will go up to 2-3 rounds with each round not less than 15 minutes that night. Man Sexual Libido

Improve on your personal hygiene. Always take your bath every morning and at night just before his arrival. Shave off pubic and armpit hairs. Smell nice, use deodorants and he will be tempted to lick your skin in the act.

Increase your man’s libido by dressing sexy and attractive. Men are attracted by what they see. Before he comes back each day, take a bath and dress seductively for him. Wear bum shorts, short skimpy gowns or see- through night wears. He will surely rush to devour you immediately he enters.

Don’t always demand for sex from your man every now and then, he will feel bored. Plan your sex days. You can choose to make it once or twice a week. This will allow him to regain strength and yern to have you. Too much sex in a day causes the penis to be weak and unable to rise again for that day. Give him a break, give him space to desire you.

Be a sex champion for your man. Far gone are the days when men alone initiated sex. You can start the whole action by seducing him, drag him to bed and ride on him. Don’t just lie on the bed like a log of wood for the man to everything. Make a move, look for other styles like doggy, cowgirl etc. Be creative on bed, twerk on him until he releases and he will come clamouring for more of you. Man Sexual Libido

With these five top secrets to luring your man and increasing his sex drives, you will rarely have any side chick to battle with and you will definitely enjoy your relationship with your man. Man Sexual Libido

Credit: Tobivibes, Agbaka Gift.

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