Great hope for the man with hemophilia



What can be done to save a man who loses so much blood from a little injury? A lot of men are this way. It is absolutely no fault of theirs but that of the blood disorder, hemophilia.

What is hemophilia? 

Haemophilia is an inherited disorder which causes the blood not to clot easily. By the clotting of blood, I mean the formation of a thick covering on the surface of a wound  to stop bleeding. Haemophilia is a sex-linked trait prevalent in men. Women are just carriers and it rarely manifests in them.

How do you tell if someone has hemophilia?

In new-born babies, excessive bleeding after circumcision is a big sign that the child could be suffering from haemophilia. It is not very easy to tell if a child has haemophilia by mere look. But once a child begins to crawl and walk, he is prone to injuries. The little scratches and bruises. Bleeding for a longer time than usual is enough trigger to ask the doctor to run haemophilia tests as well as other blood clotting tests.

Men with severe forms of haemophilia are usually diagnosed very early in life. These set of men suffer both internal and external bleeding from surprisingly mild injuries. They are also very susceptible to bleeding in the brain.


“70% of haemophilia sufferers suffer from the severe form. About 10 percent of those with severe hemophilia have bleeding in the skull, and 30 percent with the condition die. There is an up to 8 percent risk that a person with the disease will develop what doctors call intracranial bleeding during their lifetime. And a third of all hemophilia deaths is due to bleeding in the skull”.

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Is Haemophilia curable? 

Haemophilia cannot be cured. Remember it is genetic. But these days, there is a lot of hope for anyone suffering from haemophilia. The right treatments and drugs help in prolonging the lives of people with haemophilia.

Also, the diet of people suffering haemophilia has an important role to play in keeping them alive. They are advised to keep a healthy weight too. This is because a body weight above normal means an extra work for the bones and joints. This can cause the haemophiliac to bleed into his bones and joints. This is a very critical situation that should be avoided at all costs. 

The United States Department_of_Agriculture)developed MyPlate, a good food rationing system which helps to calculate the right amount of calories one should consume in a day.

Food requirements for people with haemophilia

People with Haemophilia are advised to consume foods that are rich in iron and calcium. Iron-rich foods contain Vitamin K which is one of the essential vitamins required in the clotting of blood. Calcium helps in the formation of strong bones and gums. Weak gums are very prone to bleeds. But the presence of calcium in the diet regularly fights this. 

Fatty and sugary foods are to be avoided, since they are not considered a healthy diet for anyone with haemophilia. But if you must take them, ensure that you do so occasionally, and in small amounts, too. People suffering from haemophilia should also not take food supplements indiscriminately; some supplements rich in vitamin can be dangerous to haemophiliacs.

All in all, the right treatment for haemophilia is getting injected with clotting promoters or coagulation modifiers or plasma. These drugs come in a wide variety, and your doctor will know the right one for you after identifying what type of haemophilia you suffer from. This way, people with haemophilia can live longer and healthier. 

A man with haemophilia. Image source: Google.




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